Apr 1, 2010

Weekly Appointment #1

So today we had our first of, hopefully only a couple, weekly appointments! And it went GREAT!!! The doctor said that he could feel Jackson's head, so he is head down! YAY! and that my cervix is soft..sorry if that it TMI. Anyway, because of that, and because I'm having more intense Braxton Hicks contractions (some are rhythmic, and some could be real contractions) he said it shouldn't be long before I start to dilate, and that he doesn't think I'll go past my due date! YAY again! 

He also said that he doesn't like to induce first time moms, but they will definitely induce me if I go a week past my due date. I would rather go into labor on my own since it's my first, and I guess I'm just anxious to experience the process, but if I'm sitting at 41 weeks, I'll do anything!:) 

Anyway, we really have no idea when our little man will come, so we will just have to see! But as for now, things are looking good!  Thanks for your prayers! God is faithful:)

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