Sep 12, 2010

Jackson update!

Well for days and weeks and weeks...I've been telling myself that I need to chronicle what happens in our life. If anything, I want to have written down (or typed) what Jackson is doing, learning, how he is growing (and boy is he growing) etc. etc.  So, here goes!

Our little guy is almost 5 months, and I CANNOT believe how fast time flies! Seriously, I feel like we just had him, and his first year is almost half over! Sheesh. Anyway, 3 weeks ago at his 4 month checkup, he weighed 18.5 pounds and was 27 inches long!! And he is mostly wearing 9month-12 month clothes. We have a big boy. 

We just started him on cereal, and he is still getting used to it! I think he is most upset about having to be strapped down and somewhat still for a long period of time. I'm telling you, he wants to move all the time. I'm hoping that he will be more willing to sit still for fruits and veggies, since the cereal is sort of on the bland side. And speaking of baby food, I think we are going to make our own. I've done some research and besides being cheaper, I think it will be fun! I'll keep you updated on when I start that.

A couple of weeks ago we got out Jackson's exersaucer, and he LOVED it! Lately, however, he has more of a love/ hate relationship with it because he can't get all the toys all the way into his mouth. Adam and I just laugh and laugh at him! We try to distract him from the "Sun" toy. That toy seems to aggravate him the most. And we try to direct his attention to the puppet on the exersaucer, that Adam so cleverly named, "Fred".  :) Jackson is too funny!

Also, Jackson loves to play under his floor gym. He will literally do circles on that thing. Again, we laugh and laugh at him as he holds on to the bar of the gym and flips himself around. 

Just recently he has gotten pretty good control over his hands. My absolute favorite thing he does is put his hands on my face. I will hold him, and he will just look up at me and place both hands on my face while smiling. Those moments just melt my heart!

As far as Adam and me, well we are doing great. Adam just held a weekend retreat for some of his student ministry team. They had some training, and did some vision casting for the next year. Adam is so great at what he does.  I am still working part- time at home for a company that I do believe is one of the greatest companies that exist, and I am attending a weekly bible study that I love. I also still lead the senior girl's small group at church, and I just joined a book club! Yeah! I'm so excited about that. 

Anyway, I am learning every day a little bit more about Christ's love for me through my love for my child. I am also learning just how little control I have over my life. Sometimes I try so hard to make days go the way I think they should go, and then NOTHING goes as planned. I am wired to crave routine, and I do believe that the Lord is ever so sweetly teaching me that He ultimately knows what is best, and I must trust Him. His grace is sufficient for me!

Be blessed,