Mar 29, 2010

FULL TERM:)!! 37 weeks

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels that Jackson is now considered full term! He could come anytime and be just fine! Although Adam and I are praying every night that he comes when he is fully developed- only Jesus knows his birthday!

We have gotten practically everything ready for the event. His nursery is completed; everything is washed, and I have a somewhat finished list for the hospital bag in my mind. I at least know which things I want to throw in a bag..gosh we are so close! 

My belly is growing by leaps and bounds..or at least I should say Jackson is growing! My stomach muscles are really starting to feel the strain, but my sweet husband has been helping me with anything that is uncomfortable for me to do! This morning he brought me a chick-fila chicken biscuit in bed:) He's the best! Also, I didn't really have any cravings up until this point,  but now...gosh my desire for a chocolate milkshake has somewhat overtaken me! Well- anything sweet right now seems to be on my mind CONSTANTLY! In fact, after this post I think I'm going to make me a homemade one! Yummy!

Anyway, Adam and I are doing so well. This week I have an appt. and my doctor will check if I'm progressing. Adam is going to come with me for the slight chance that there may be an ultrasound involved. The nurse told me a few weeks ago that if the doctor can't quite figure out what position our little man is in, he would do an ultrasound. I would LOVE for the doctor to know immediately that Jackson is already in the perfect position, but if he can't tell, I would LOVE to see his sweet face in an ultrasound, so that is why Adam is coming, well that and just because he loves me!

Speaking of doctors, let me just say how much we love our doctor and his practice! The entire staff has  been such a blessing to us. The two ladies who work the front desk are the sweetest, most encouraging two women! And the office itself runs so smoothly that I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes in the waiting room. Also, the doctors are christians so they play christian music through out the place, which can be very comforting at times. Anyway, we just have been so pleased with the entire experience. What a blessing!!

Alrighty well, here are some more pictures. I can't believe there will only be a few more belly pictures left!! AHH! And the one front on...yeah I know my belly looks lopsided..haha..guess it's how he is positioned??

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! You are huge!! I can not believe you could get any bigger! I can't wait till he is here!! I am so excited! Next month!:) Love you!