Nov 10, 2010

Halloween, Atlanta, and Babyfood

Hello all! So I'm not so good at posting weekly, oh well:) We have been quite busy lately. 

A couple of weeks ago was Halloween and Adam, Jackson, and I all dressed up. Adam picked out my costume. Enough said. It was ridiculous. He was spiderman, which was awesome, and I ...well I was some dumpy version of Mary Jane. If I had known she was a model in the comic books, I would have changed my costume. But apparently neither of us knew that, and Adam thought a pre-teen boy shirt from Old Navy would suffice as part of my costume. Well that and a hideous red and black wig from the halloween store. Oh dear, I was a mess! I'll post pictures of that too. Jackson, on the other hand was adorable! He was the most precious Tigger I had ever seen:) Next year I will do the planning, and the three of us will coordinate:) We went with some friends trick-or-treating, and Jackson stayed in his stroller holding up a bucket as people gave him some candy. We felt a little strange since everyone was aware of the fact that Jackson could clearly not eat his candy. But it was so fun taking him, and I think some people genuinely liked dumping candy in his bucket anyway:)

Last week, I went up to Atlanta to meet up with several women who do what I do with The reThink Group. We were there for 4 days, and it was amazing! A good friend of mine just got hired with the company as well, and she and I rode up to Atlanta together. Each day we had several creative meetings with a few fun lunch and dessert breaks:) If you've never heard of us, The reThink Group, you can visit the following sites. You should especially read the posts on the parenting website. They are great:  Orange Parents  and Orange.

I had a little bit of anxiety leaving for the week. I was worried I would not have a good place to pump, that Jackson wouldn't nurse when I returned home, and I worried that I would have a melt down missing him so much. I know lately God has been giving me numerous opportunities to trust Him, and to prove Himself faithful. And that He did. As small as it may seem to others, it was a big deal to me that I made it through the week, had fun, and didn't have a melt down from being away from Jackson (I was able to skype with my boys while I was in Atlanta. Skype is wonderful!) And the sweet lady who is my direct boss had set up a discreet place for me to pump while I was there, AND Jackson nursed like a champ the minute I got home. God is faithful! 

I got home on Thursday, and Saturday we took Jackson to the fair! We met up with some good friends of ours who also have a little boy about the same age as Jackson. The fair was great, but it was freezing! I really think we picked the coldest day to go! Oh well! We had Jackson bundled up pretty well, and he had on his toboggan just like his daddy:) Adam and I ate our favorites: roasted corn, corn dogs, barbecue and elephant ears! yummo!

Speaking of food....Jackson has been eating pretty much anything that I have been feeding him, and a lot of it. I am still making his food, and I would def. recommend doing so. So far I have made:
-sweet potato
-green beans
-sweet peas
**And I've mashed avocado and bananas. He LOVES bananas!

I will not make applesauce again though. It took way too long, and it didn't save us that much money, since I can buy huge jars of All-Natural Applesauce from Publix. But everything else was pretty easy to make, sweet potato being the easiest! All I do is wrap them in foil, bake them, slide off the skins and blend em up! SO easy.  I try to alternate yellow vegetables and green vegetables, so if I'm low in green beans, I pick up sweet peas the next time I'm at the store. Same for yellow. If I'm low in sweet potato I just pick up more squash at the store. I have found it is easier for me to make batches as I go. I plan on adding some blue/ purple fruits and vegetables soon. So far though, I love doing it, and it has been so easy and cost efficient!

I know I've said this in the previous posts, but Jackson is getting more and more fun each day. His little personality is coming to life. Sometimes he will just talk and talk to himself and play with the toys around him. And other times he wants to snuggle with me or Adam on the couch and play with either our cell phones or the remote control, neither of which I particularly want him to play with, but he is so good at spotting them and crawling/ reaching for what he wants before I even realize what he has done.

He is also sleeping great. The time change did rattle us just a bit. He was waking between 7:30-8:00, but for the past 3 mornings he has woken between 5:30-6:30. I don't think he knows that we have changed times on him:) I'm hoping he can settle back to where he was soon. But I'm not complaining. I've been going in and rocking him when he doesn't settle in the early morning, and that has been great. I know he won't be this little forever, so I'm trying to soak those moments in. 

He is also really really close to crawling. He has been pushing up on all fours and rocking back and forth. And he is also scooting sideways and backwards. It's just the funniest thing! Adam and I laughed and laughed at him the other night trying to crawl. It's precious! I did take some video. I'll post the video at the bottom of this post along with some pictures. 

Ok, I think I've caught you up over the past couple of weeks. I hope you are enjoying your fall, and I hope you are all thanking sweet Jesus for all of the things you have to be Thankful for this holiday season. 

Be blessed,

I know this video is a couple minutes long..but I think towards the end you can see where Jackson is almost crawling! He is so close!

Spiderman and Mary Jane

Our little Tigger:)

 I just love this little rascal!

These we took before we left for the Peanut Festival.

Family pic at the fair.