Feb 23, 2010

Seriously...my belly feels HUGE!...32 weeks....

Ok, so maybe HUGE is an exaggeration;however, when I try to unload the dishwasher or bend down to do laundry, or when I look at the recent belly shots I've taken, I literally feel like I have a soccer ball sitting inside my body. And if you've ever tried to tie your shoe with a soccer ball in your lap...well...it's kind of difficult. AND the funny thing is..I have 8 weeks to go! haha! I probably don't even know what "huge" is yet:)

This past weekend I had two awesome showers! The first one was with my Abuela and all of her Spanish friends...things are always fun at her house! And the second was thrown by my sweet college friends. There were several points during the weekend where I felt myself getting choked up just thinking about the effort my friends and family put into doing the showers. I know Jackson is already so loved and he isn't even here yet!! That makes me emotional!

On Sunday afternoon, I spent a good couple of hours going through everything we had already received for Jackson. I took things out of bags, and organized each item into categories:) Like shower stuff, feeding stuff, clothes etc. I think I could have finished the task sooner, but I absolutely loved looking at each baby item imagining Jackson using or wearing it! During that time, I showed Adam everything we got, and it was so fun seeing which things he liked the most, and what he was excited about!! I think I've gone in the nursery at least 3 times a day this week just looking at his stuff and thinking about Jackson! And that's with the nursery not even complete. Once it is finished, I might just sleep in there! haha..j/k...but it will be tempting:)

Mommy and baby are doing very good. I have another appointment on Thursday, and then I go every two weeks! Jackson is continuing to grow...he gets hiccups at least twice a day now! Also, I think he has bruised a rib with his kicking:) Sometimes I wince when it hurts, and Adam starts talking to Jackson telling him that he needs to be careful and not hurt his mommy:) It's cute!

I've also been trying to guess which body parts are what..but no luck. I think his feet are at the top, because they keep kicking my ribs, and occasionally I think I feel his legs or little booty..but I could be wrong! I'm going to ask the doctor this week if he will point out to me which position our little man is in.

Also, this week will be my last week with CBS, the community bible study I attend and help teach. It was a bittersweet decision to leave early, but I know I need the extra time to rest and "nest" before out little guy arrives. Anyway, that's all for now. This is all going by very fast!! I can't wait until he gets here!!

Here are some belly pics and pics from the showers..I've uploaded a ton!

Feb 16, 2010

31 weeks....Jackson is already hyper!

Can I just say that I have the most amazing husband!? Really- first, he planned a little surprise valentine's getaway weekend for us at a condo on Logan Martin Lake. It was beautiful! And it snowed about 3 inches. We spent the weekend catching up on season 5 of Lost! I think we literally watched like 15 episodes or something..haha. But we had a blast. We also took some pics and a short video that I'll put at the end of this post.

Reason numero dos that my husband is amazing is because he sweetly agreed for us to sleep in the guest bed for the past two nights in hopes that that mattress would be kinder to my back!! Thankfully, I have slept much better these past two days...and he even said it was sort of fun to change things up and sleep in another room! I'm finding it hard to imagine what it will be like to sleep through the night again without an extra pillow or a couple of trips to the potty! Oh...I know God is SO preparing me to have this sweet baby!!

Also, goodness...our little man moves a lot. And sometimes it catches me off guard! He seems to find it fun to rest his little foot just under my ribs:) Adam thinks Jackson will be hyper just based on his movements now...Oh I really can't wait to meet him!! Let me tell you how excited Adam and I are!! And honestly, the Lord has given me such peace over the labor and delivery. Last Sunday, one line from the message has stayed with me, "Although my circumstances may look uncertain, God is never uncertain." Although I have NO idea how or when this little boy will enter the world, I have peace because God already knows. And Adam and I are trusting God to take care of all 3 of us.

Here are some belly pics and some pics from the weekend. Also I included one short, kinda dizzy video of the snow:)

Feb 9, 2010

10 weeks to go! Give or take a few days:)

Well, I am at 30 weeks, and my heart is so full today just thinking about what God has been teaching Adam and I through this pregnancy. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a mom...on more than one occasion I have literally felt my heart ache with love for children I haven't even had yet. Now that our first child is a reality, I frequently find myself overwhelmed with emotion I didn't know I had. I love this little boy so much, and I haven't even met him yet.

If my love for Jackson is only a mere fraction of Christ's love for me...then I am truly loved in a way that I will never fully comprehend. I am absolutely blown away by this. Today at a bible study I attend the lyrics of a song we sang have been resonating with me all day. Here is the last verse:

No guilt in life, no fear in death,
This is the power of Christ in me;
From life's first cry to final breath.
Jesus commands my destiny.
No power of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home,
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand

 As I was singing, I just became emotional (which is not uncommon for me- pregnant or not!).  Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ. NOTHING can pluck me from his hand. Additionally, Jesus is in complete control of Jackson's life, from his first cry to his final breath, Christ is taking care of my son. I know it won't be easy to be parents, but Adam and I do know that ultimately, Christ is in control, and we are not. Additionally, Christ loves Jackson more than we ever could.

Phew...heavy stuff..I know! Moving on..we had our first shower this weekend with family! And it went great! Opening the gifts is still very surreal for me. I keep thinking, "This shower can't be for me!" Oh but it is...and in just a few weeks Jackson will be here to wear the clothes we got, and use the gifts I opened!

Here are a couple of belly shots, and a few pictures from the shower. I'll put more pictures on Facebook later. Anyway, I hope you know that Jesus loves you more than you will ever understand. Please keep praying for Adam, Jackson and I. Have a blessed day!

Feb 1, 2010

29 weeks

This week is an exceptionally busy week for me...so this blog will be..umm..mainly pictures! Please know that all is well for me, Adam, and Jackson! I have my first shower this weekend, and I am very excited! Keep praying for us as he (and I) are growing:)


Here is a picture of the crib we ordered (on sale + with an additional discount! yeah!) And we  got a 3 drawer dresser to match (also discounted, not pictured) that we will change little Jackson on. We are also getting some fun Ikea shelves to go in the room for storage etc. 

And that's all for now! Have a blessed day!