Apr 12, 2010

39 weeks!

And we are 7 days from my due date! Wonder what day Jackson will arrive? The excitement is killing me!:) I am SO excited! I'm still feeling good- just some allergies have gotten me down a bit! But today, when I was outside I put some vaseline on my nose to keep out the pollen- haha- we will see if that helped at all! And the past couple of nights I've slept pretty well. I still get up after Adam leaves to work out (5AM) and migrate to the couch.  The couch just seems to feel so  much better. My appetite has also been somewhat crazy. Some days I have no appetite at all, and other days I can't seem to get full all day. I don't know if either is a sign up impending labor..who knows?!

Also, Jackson is still moving like a mad man. He rolls from side to side, and now that he is bigger, when he hiccups, my whole stomach shakes. I LOVE when he hiccups! Also, when he has his leg up near my ribs, I feel like I could literally grab hold of it through my skin.  Being able to feel his limbs like that is unbelievable! 

I have another appt. Thursday, and although I would love to hear the Doctor say I'm so many centimeters dilated etc., he is sure to remind me that those are still not indicators of when our little man will arrive. So we are just waiting! Fortunately, I'm not going crazy. Lots of people have asked me if I'm miserable yet, and thankfully, I'm not. Adam and I are still making plans for the week/ weekend.  We can't just wait around twiddling our thumbs:) Then, I would really go crazy!

One of my friends who teaches is on spring break, and she invited me over to swim sometime this week. Is it crazy for a 39 1/2 week pregnant momma to be in a swim suit swimming?! I hope not:)

I've been inspired by my friend Jenny's blog, to make a list of what I will miss, and what I will not miss with this pregnancy. Here is my list:

What I will NOT miss:
1) Having to hold my belly and literally move it over with me when I turn over in bed
2) Having to sleep on my side
3) How difficult it is to pick things up off the floor
4) The fact that my chest rests on my belly, and my belly rests on my thighs when I sit down:)
5) The road map of a belly I've been sporting these last few weeks (lots of veins have made their appearance!)
6) Using the bathroom every, oh, 30 minutes or so
7) Having to stay away from blue cheese, too much caffeine, and the occasional glass of wine
8) The feeling that my stomach is so stretched, it just might split open
9) waddling
10) Complete strangers asking me very personal questions about my pregnancy!

What I WILL miss terribly:
1) Jackson literally being with me at all times
2) Jackson's hiccups
3) How much more feminine I feel when pregnant
4) Adam being the sweet husband he is and tying my shoes:) 
5) Watching Adam talk to Jackson through my belly
6) Food tasting SO good!
7)  The kids' (from church) hysterical reaction and questions about my belly
8) The excitement and anticipation of not knowing what Jackson will look like
9) Watching God answer our prayers every step of the way during this pregnancy
10)The constant reminder that God is performing a miracle every second of every day within my body

And here are some belly pics:
FYI- 1) the veins on my belly (thank goodness) do not show up as much on pictures, maybe because of the flash! 
2) I asked the doctor about me "dropping" and he said that sometimes babies don't drop until labor begins...Also, because I have such a short torso, if Jackson is long, it won't look like I've dropped at all when maybe I have..again..who really knows?! 

So, there you go! This journey has been an incredible one so far! Only a few more posts  before he is here!  Anyone want to try and predict Jackson's birthday?

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