Apr 5, 2010

There is a little boy living inside of me:) 38 weeks

Well, here I am! Two weeks away from my due date. Because I can feel how big Jackson is, I get emotional just thinking about how a mere few inches of skin (and muscle, and uterus..blah blah..) are separating us from our boy!!Our boy, who I have a feeling, will be very long! The other day Adam and I watched as the right top of my belly stuck up (Jackson's booty) and at the same time..to the left side of my stomach a foot kept poking out! If I pushed on his booty, he would push out that foot! It was awesome...until it started to hurt..haha. But awesome none the less!

I read somewhere that your belly slows down its growth the last few weeks of pregnancy..I think that's a lie. My belly looks and feels much larger!! If I had a dollar for how many strangers ask me if I have a basketball in my shirt, I would be rich! It's amazing what strangers say to you when you are pregnant! In one afternoon I had 3 women tell me that it looks like I'm about to pop Jackson out right there (in Target). Umm..that's a negative! People are crazy! 

We are getting SO excited about having him!! I can't believe that by the end of this month, he will be out in the world with us!! I've been having stronger and stronger Braxton Hicks, so I hope that's good! A couple of times, they were pretty intense and pretty rhythmic (every 10 minutes for an hour)...but then they went away. I've been pretty good about not getting my hopes up though. I'm looking at all of this as "practice contractions" for the real deal! But I can't wait for the real deal! 

Yesterday we celebrated Easter, and I could just kick myself for forgetting to take some pictures! But we had a beautiful day. Church was awesome as usual..and we spent the rest of the afternoon with the Fountains and their extended family. Between the food and the sweet kids, it was a great day! 

Also, not that you care to know..but I got a pedicure the other day! And a couple of hours after getting it, I decided I didn't like the color I picked out...so instead of paying more money to go back and get another color, I...drum roll please...repainted them myself! And let me tell you..it was a BAD idea! It took me a good hour to find enough positions to get to each toenail. I will say though, after wards I was quite pleased with how well I did. I just won't be painting them again until after Jackson is born.

Anyway, there isn't a whole lot of news to share. We still have to install Jackson's car seat, but we are doing that sometime this week. And I think this weekend we are headed to a BBQ festival with some friends! 

Here are some 38 week pictures...watch out! My belly has enough veins showing through that it could, quite possibly, be mistaken for a road map! Enjoy!

(P.S. I still laugh at some of the earlier pictures when I thought by belly was SO HUGE!- yeah I had no idea.)

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