Apr 19, 2010

40 weeks

I know I posted this a few days ago..but my heart is SO FULL! I can't describe the overwhelming feeling of excitement and peace that I feel. It seems odd that I would feel both of those emotions, but oddly enough, that it exactly how I feel. Adam and I have been praying very specifically over this pregnancy the past 9 months (well more than that), and it is a dream to watch it all unfold.

Today will be the last pregnancy post!

Let me just let that sink in.

Our little boy is so close to meeting us! Since we knew this last weekend would be our last weekend with just the two of us, we went on a date! And it was honestly, one of the best weekends we have ever had! Not that you care to know, but I will in the future, let me recap what we did! We both got somewhat dressed up, which for me meant a nice top and jeans (no dresses fit!) And before we left we took some video of us talking about Jackson, and how we were excited. Adam got some video of my ginormous belly, and we videoed Jackson's room. Adam also did a little dance on the video for our sweet son:) Then we took some pictures of us, and Jackson!

That night we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger (my newest crave) and of course, I ordered what made the 4th chocolate milkshake I had had  in a week in a half!  After that we went and saw "Date Night" which I strongly recommend- it was HYSTERICAL! Honestly, we laughed the entire movie. 

It was such a sweet time for us. Over dinner, and when we got home, all we talked about was how excited we were and how our lives were about to change forever. This entire experience has drawn Adam and I so much closer together, and we know that the next few days will only deepen our relationship with one another. 

Right now Adam is at work making some cd's of our favorite worship music for us to take to the hospital, and I'm about to go write down some verses we've been praying the past several months. Our hearts desire is that no matter what, we will be able to bring God glory through this experience. We want to be able to bless God since he has already blessed us!

Here are some pictures of us from the weekend, and some 40 week  belly pictures!

Apr 16, 2010

Mid-week Post...My heart is so full!

I know I've been very disciplined to post every week, but my heart is so full right now, I just have to pour it out! We are mere days away from meeting our sweet boy. 

We went into the doctor's office yesterday and found out that there is some progress going on in my body! (slightly dilated, slightly effaced). Since my due date is Monday, my Doctor wants to check me again on Monday and then, I'll either be admitted for induction Monday night, or sometime during the rest of the week, but no later than Thursday. Honestly, Adam and I were SO excited yesterday. Somehow, hearing a possible date made everything SO real.

I feel in my heart that he is coming soon. My body is giving me signs that it is ready, and yesterday morning I woke up with a feeling in my heart that Jackson was ready, like the Lord was saying, "It's ok for him to come now; he's fine." Adam and I have been so desperately praying for Jackson not to come until he is full term and absolutely ready- not until God was finished forming him. And yesterday when I felt the Lord speak to me, peace absolutely took over. I was able to "let go" if you will, and know that from this point forward, any day would be perfect. 

Honestly, I can't believe 40 weeks have passed. The other day I read through my journal entries from a year ago- and it is unbelievable how obvious it is to me (now) that God was preparing me for this pregnancy. Allow me to be vulnerable for a moment..this entry was from March 30th of last year:

Oh wow. How do I begin to talk about what all I have been through. I keep feeling disappointed, as if what I wanted would have been greater or better than what God wanted. I have learned so much:
  • what I believe about God’s sovereignty

  • that  I need God all the time, even before the bad happens

  • that I can’t plan my future

  • that Adam is the greatest husband

  • that I’m not on a schedule

  • God loves me enough to do what is hard

  • that pregnancy is a miracle

  • that children are a blessing

  • how to pray with faith

  • how to deal with fear

God did teach me so much, and everything I learned only contributed to making this pregnancy even more of a blessing! God has stretched my faith in ways during this pregnancy that you wouldn't believe. You might even think I was crazy if I told you! And the amazing thing is at the same time, God has been stretching and growing Adam's faith. We both have been able to believe God for several things during this pregnancy, and we have had the joy of watching God actually do the things we prayed for!

Now that we are days away from meeting our boy, we realize that a new journey is beginning. We have been praying each night that God gets a hold of Jackson's heart, and that Jackson learns to live life  loving God and loving others. If Jackson turns out the slightest bit like his dad, he'll be great:) Anyway, please  be praying for us this next week as we embark upon a journey that is going to change our lives!

Here's a pic of something I painted last night for Jackson's room!

Apr 12, 2010

39 weeks!

And we are 7 days from my due date! Wonder what day Jackson will arrive? The excitement is killing me!:) I am SO excited! I'm still feeling good- just some allergies have gotten me down a bit! But today, when I was outside I put some vaseline on my nose to keep out the pollen- haha- we will see if that helped at all! And the past couple of nights I've slept pretty well. I still get up after Adam leaves to work out (5AM) and migrate to the couch.  The couch just seems to feel so  much better. My appetite has also been somewhat crazy. Some days I have no appetite at all, and other days I can't seem to get full all day. I don't know if either is a sign up impending labor..who knows?!

Also, Jackson is still moving like a mad man. He rolls from side to side, and now that he is bigger, when he hiccups, my whole stomach shakes. I LOVE when he hiccups! Also, when he has his leg up near my ribs, I feel like I could literally grab hold of it through my skin.  Being able to feel his limbs like that is unbelievable! 

I have another appt. Thursday, and although I would love to hear the Doctor say I'm so many centimeters dilated etc., he is sure to remind me that those are still not indicators of when our little man will arrive. So we are just waiting! Fortunately, I'm not going crazy. Lots of people have asked me if I'm miserable yet, and thankfully, I'm not. Adam and I are still making plans for the week/ weekend.  We can't just wait around twiddling our thumbs:) Then, I would really go crazy!

One of my friends who teaches is on spring break, and she invited me over to swim sometime this week. Is it crazy for a 39 1/2 week pregnant momma to be in a swim suit swimming?! I hope not:)

I've been inspired by my friend Jenny's blog, to make a list of what I will miss, and what I will not miss with this pregnancy. Here is my list:

What I will NOT miss:
1) Having to hold my belly and literally move it over with me when I turn over in bed
2) Having to sleep on my side
3) How difficult it is to pick things up off the floor
4) The fact that my chest rests on my belly, and my belly rests on my thighs when I sit down:)
5) The road map of a belly I've been sporting these last few weeks (lots of veins have made their appearance!)
6) Using the bathroom every, oh, 30 minutes or so
7) Having to stay away from blue cheese, too much caffeine, and the occasional glass of wine
8) The feeling that my stomach is so stretched, it just might split open
9) waddling
10) Complete strangers asking me very personal questions about my pregnancy!

What I WILL miss terribly:
1) Jackson literally being with me at all times
2) Jackson's hiccups
3) How much more feminine I feel when pregnant
4) Adam being the sweet husband he is and tying my shoes:) 
5) Watching Adam talk to Jackson through my belly
6) Food tasting SO good!
7)  The kids' (from church) hysterical reaction and questions about my belly
8) The excitement and anticipation of not knowing what Jackson will look like
9) Watching God answer our prayers every step of the way during this pregnancy
10)The constant reminder that God is performing a miracle every second of every day within my body

And here are some belly pics:
FYI- 1) the veins on my belly (thank goodness) do not show up as much on pictures, maybe because of the flash! 
2) I asked the doctor about me "dropping" and he said that sometimes babies don't drop until labor begins...Also, because I have such a short torso, if Jackson is long, it won't look like I've dropped at all when maybe I have..again..who really knows?! 

So, there you go! This journey has been an incredible one so far! Only a few more posts  before he is here!  Anyone want to try and predict Jackson's birthday?

Apr 5, 2010

There is a little boy living inside of me:) 38 weeks

Well, here I am! Two weeks away from my due date. Because I can feel how big Jackson is, I get emotional just thinking about how a mere few inches of skin (and muscle, and uterus..blah blah..) are separating us from our boy!!Our boy, who I have a feeling, will be very long! The other day Adam and I watched as the right top of my belly stuck up (Jackson's booty) and at the same time..to the left side of my stomach a foot kept poking out! If I pushed on his booty, he would push out that foot! It was awesome...until it started to hurt..haha. But awesome none the less!

I read somewhere that your belly slows down its growth the last few weeks of pregnancy..I think that's a lie. My belly looks and feels much larger!! If I had a dollar for how many strangers ask me if I have a basketball in my shirt, I would be rich! It's amazing what strangers say to you when you are pregnant! In one afternoon I had 3 women tell me that it looks like I'm about to pop Jackson out right there (in Target). Umm..that's a negative! People are crazy! 

We are getting SO excited about having him!! I can't believe that by the end of this month, he will be out in the world with us!! I've been having stronger and stronger Braxton Hicks, so I hope that's good! A couple of times, they were pretty intense and pretty rhythmic (every 10 minutes for an hour)...but then they went away. I've been pretty good about not getting my hopes up though. I'm looking at all of this as "practice contractions" for the real deal! But I can't wait for the real deal! 

Yesterday we celebrated Easter, and I could just kick myself for forgetting to take some pictures! But we had a beautiful day. Church was awesome as usual..and we spent the rest of the afternoon with the Fountains and their extended family. Between the food and the sweet kids, it was a great day! 

Also, not that you care to know..but I got a pedicure the other day! And a couple of hours after getting it, I decided I didn't like the color I picked out...so instead of paying more money to go back and get another color, I...drum roll please...repainted them myself! And let me tell you..it was a BAD idea! It took me a good hour to find enough positions to get to each toenail. I will say though, after wards I was quite pleased with how well I did. I just won't be painting them again until after Jackson is born.

Anyway, there isn't a whole lot of news to share. We still have to install Jackson's car seat, but we are doing that sometime this week. And I think this weekend we are headed to a BBQ festival with some friends! 

Here are some 38 week pictures...watch out! My belly has enough veins showing through that it could, quite possibly, be mistaken for a road map! Enjoy!

(P.S. I still laugh at some of the earlier pictures when I thought by belly was SO HUGE!- yeah I had no idea.)

Apr 1, 2010

Weekly Appointment #1

So today we had our first of, hopefully only a couple, weekly appointments! And it went GREAT!!! The doctor said that he could feel Jackson's head, so he is head down! YAY! and that my cervix is soft..sorry if that it TMI. Anyway, because of that, and because I'm having more intense Braxton Hicks contractions (some are rhythmic, and some could be real contractions) he said it shouldn't be long before I start to dilate, and that he doesn't think I'll go past my due date! YAY again! 

He also said that he doesn't like to induce first time moms, but they will definitely induce me if I go a week past my due date. I would rather go into labor on my own since it's my first, and I guess I'm just anxious to experience the process, but if I'm sitting at 41 weeks, I'll do anything!:) 

Anyway, we really have no idea when our little man will come, so we will just have to see! But as for now, things are looking good!  Thanks for your prayers! God is faithful:)