Mar 9, 2010

8 1/2 months...34 weeks!

Well...let's see..the past couple of weeks have been REMARKABLY different! And not in a bad way...just is so hard to move around now..and it is so hard to do "normal" things like putting on my shoes! So my sweet hubby is doing those things for me. He is the greatest! I've also starting have lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. They don't hurt; they are just more annoying than anything. I did ask the doctor because sometimes I'll have 5 or 6 in one night. But he said I shouldn't call unless I have 4-6 in one hour. But he said that it is great to have them, that my body is just prepping itself for labor!  

Speaking of labor..I think I'm in denial that this baby is coming in just a few weeks! It still just seems so surreal (which seems to be my fav. word nowadays). The nursery is coming along slowly- but we are SO excited. In case you didn't know, one my my small group girls, who is in college now, decided to give Adam and I a great baby gift! Her mom is an interior decorator, and their gift to us was doing our nursery! So this weekend 4 of my small group girls and the one girl's mom came over and started on the project. They painted the walls, and a bookshelf that we already had. They also worked on fun art projects for the walls, and one of the other girl's mom made a curtain! The room is going to look so awesome! As soon as it is complete, I will put up pictures!

And we had our last shower last Thursday. Several precious women from church hosted it, and they did an awesome job. It was the most special event. At some point during the shower, 4 different women prayed over me and baby Jackson. That moment brought me to tears. 

One of my favorite moments was opening a gift from one of our dear friends. They put their baby gift in an Easter basket. No one else would have noticed why that was special...but it melted my heart, and let me tell you why. Last year, about this same time was when we lost our first baby. And that same friend dropped off an Easter basket for us filled with goodies and a card saying that God had a plan for our lives, and that they loved us. And now, a year later, they were able to put gifts for baby Jackson in an Easter basket for our shower. It was just a small reminder of how far God had brought Adam and I. I know a miscarriage isn't the worst thing that can happen to someone..but to us..God used it to absolutely transform our lives. And now every time I feel Jackson kick, I'm reminded of God's faithfulness. When you've been through a valley, the harvest is that much more fulfilling!! 

I took some more pics of course...and where at one time I thought the pictures made my belly look larger than it really I think my belly is larger in person than in pictures! If you see me, you can decide:)

 Ok Ok...I know my arms look deformed in this next picture...but it was the best one of my belly front on! so...look past the alien arms...

And here are some pics from the shower..

And here is a picture of all of my beautiful hostesses!:) The nice picture didn't turn out:( It was SO dark..but I think someone else got a "formal" pic. This one makes me laugh anyway!

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