Mar 2, 2010

33ish weeks

We are counting down the days!! Just this week I'm starting to feel like a whale:) Getting comfortable is very difficult, and my hips are super achy. However, overall, I'm doing well, and Jackson is still moving so much. I can't tell if he is head down or not right now, but the Doctor said he could keep flipping for a couple more weeks. By my next appointment, he should be good and settled and head down..that is our prayer. 

I did have an appointment last week that went very well! The doctor said I have a very healthy normal pregnancy. They did do some more routine blood work, and unfortunately the nurse had to stick me twice to get to the vein in my arm. She said I was blessed with "little veins". I didn't see it as much of a blessing when she was fishing around in my arm for the right vein, or any vein for that matter. The doctor did say I was measuring right on target, and things were looking great!

Last week we also had the lady, who is graciously doing our nursery as a gift, come over to look at the space. I have to say, she is incredible at what she does!! We loved all of her ideas, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished product. They are working on it this weekend, so hopefully by next week I can have some pictures posted!!  

And yesterday, I was doubly blessed with a surprise from my fellow co-workers! When I called in for the weekly conference call, my boss (who is also my friend and lives in Dothan) asked me to open my front door. There she was standing with a wrapped gift for me from all of the women I work with!! (all of us who do what I do live all over the country) They had me on speaker phone as I squealed and opened the gift. It was awesome:) They all went in and got us the little lamb swing that we wanted!! It was a great moment, in spite of me still being in my bathrobe:)

This journey has just been so fun, and it keeps getting better. I cannot wait to meet Jackson. I really am so in love with this little boy already. I can't imagine what it will be like to finally see him, hold him, and kiss him!! Only a few weeks to go! Please keep praying for us, that both mommy and baby continue to stay healthy!  


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