Mar 22, 2010

36 weeks...phew!! Am I done yet?!

Well I am just past 36 weeks...and I don't think my belly could get any bigger?! And I'm not sure Jackson has a whole lot of room in there...he seems a little squished right now:) Actually right now he is pushing a limb into my ribs. I have a feeling he will be a big boy like his daddy! 

Symptom wise, I am doing great! Really my only struggle is sleeping...and some nights are better than others. Last night my hips ached all night, so I think I flipped over maybe 30 times or so? Crazy right?! Good thing I'm not working! I don't know what I would do if I had to be somewhere early in the morning after that kind of night's sleep! I'm also have lots and lots of Braxton Hicks. Adam and I are praying that the practice contractions are just getting my body ready for the real deal! I am also waddling now..I think. It's hard to tell. I asked Adam and either he really couldn't tell or he was just being sweet, but he said he didn't think I was waddling. I think he's wrong:)

And the nursery is pretty much finished!! And it is my favorite room in the house! I'm tempted to sleep in there! But I don't think Adam would like that too much:) Anyway, most all of Jackson's stuff is washed, and I've come up with a tentative list for the hospital bag. We are getting ready!!  I go back to the doctor next week, and  he will check me for progress! Let's pray for progress!  I can't believe we will meet our little man in just a few weeks! Here are some pictures:

the completed nursery (we still have to hang the curtain):

And some belly pics! (And I'm not sure why my camera takes some pictures with really bad exposure)


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