Oct 20, 2009

Welcome Fall!! Almost 14 weeks Prego..

Welcome Fall! Saturday, Adam and I officially welcomed Fall. We started the day off at Honey's Hotdogs for lunch, which we believe have the best hot dogs around. Then we went pumpkin shopping and found "the perfect" pumpkin- according to Adam:) Who knew finding the perfect pumpkin would be so hard. Anyway, we also bought some fall decorations, and rented a movie. Once we got home, Adam carved his first pumpkin, and I do believe loved every minute of it!  Meanwhile, I made hot chocolate for us while we worked on the pumpkin! Here are some pictures of the grand event!:

Adam also took some more belly shots of me. Here I am almost 14 weeks!

So, there you go! Overall, I am feeling very well! Sleeping, on the other hand, has been quite interesting to say the least. I am used to sleeping on by back and stomach, neither of which is comfortable when pregnant, so I'm using a body pillow to be more comfortable on my side. It has worked so far! Adam and I are super excited about finding out the gender of our little one. We can't wait to know, and we can't wait to tell everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your fall:) Thanks for the continued prayers!


  1. That is an amazing pumpkin carving. I am very impressed!!

  2. Mon, SO EXCITING that you get to find out in a month!!!! Wow, seems like a dream. Spectacular.

    ....And, what a little homemaker you are! Sounds like such a fun day with your honey! I keep thinking we need to decorate, but then I just put it off. Maybe I'll get to it after seeing how cute yours turned out!

    Love you :)