Oct 11, 2009

Super-Sensitive Tear Ducts:)...12 weeks

I am home!! And so is my husband:) Being gone 7 days felt like a month! But don't get me wrong; I LOVED the entire week! I met some of the most amazing people at the reThink Group, and Adam and I sat in some inspiring sessions at Catalyst. Let me give you a few highlights of the week:

* meeting the 6 other PDD's who do what I do for reThink
* meeting with the geniuses who write the curriculum for reThink
* hearing Rob Bell and learning that I won't covet someone else's life until I am completely satisfied with my own
*hearing Pricilla Shirer and learning that I have treasures given to me at the point of salvation that I've yet to uncover
*watching a Kenyan man reunite with the kind gentleman who had sponsored him for 19 years through compassion, and who ultimately introduced him to Christ (I was a sloppy mess, and everyone else in the arena was crying when we watched these men meet each other for the first time)
*taking communion with 15,000 plus people

An event like the Catalyst Conference that I worked at and Adam attended is hard to fully describe. At times in the arena, I felt like I had stepped into heaven. I cannot express how full I felt hearing thousands of people praising God at the same time, and most of the people were men. There is something about watching grown men humbly worshipping God that brings tears to my eyes. I spent a few  moments just watching my husband worship. I think everytime I watch him praise Jesus, I fall in love with him even more. Adam's heart is absolutely like none-other; I am one blessed girl! Another time I watched this woman, who seemed to be slow, worship Jesus like no one else was in the room. When I saw her, my heart melted and I cried again. (Are you seeing a theme? I cried at least 3 times each day!) Every day this past week I felt so privileged to be apart of the experience. The final night, all 15,000 of us took the Lord's supper together. That moment took my breath away. I kept picturing our Heavenly Father looking down upon all of us who were all looking up at Him. The Lord captured my heart yet again, and I prayed the entire week that one day our sweet child will meet Jesus and know Him the way Adam and I know Him. That will be a GREAT day!:)

Onto the baby updates....other than being tired and still being somewhat hungry, I feel pretty good. I can tell that my tear ducts are super sensitive:) Apparently that's from the hormonal overload I am experiencing. But, I can handle that, and thankfully, so can Adam! And I'm sleeping better through the night, not waking up hungry as often as I use to. I can't yet identify huge cravings, but I'm still opposed to plain chicken and sliced wheat bread, and now some creamy things like Spinach Cheese dip seems a little hard for me to swallow. But we'll see! Adam is with some of our students right now, so I had to try to take a picture of my belly by myself using the self timer. Here is the best shot I could get:

So there you go, that's me at a little over 12 weeks! Our little baby is about the size of a lime right now. Isn't that amazing:) I read that if I prod at my tummy, our little baby will squirm in response, even though I can't feel it yet. Also, this week, our baby's reflexes are developing. One day, his knee will jerk just like the rest of ours!  I have another appointment this week, where I should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat again! I think that's all of our news for now. Oh! This weekend Adam and I are pumpkin shopping! And here's a little secret....Adam has never carved a pumpkin! So we will do that together on Saturday! I hope you are all doing well. Please keep the three of us in your prayers! God bless:)


  1. Monica, THanks for posting!! BJ and I are about to watch a show but i told him I HAD to read your post first.... I get so excited when I see a new one!!
    Sounds like this week was wonderful and I'm so glad! I'll call ya this week! Love ya!
    Give little baby a poke for me :)

  2. That is so crazy... I just found out today Micah has never carved a pumpkin either. We plan on carving one this year with Emma. Your belly is looking great. Can't wait to hear about your appointment. I love keeping up with you this way... you are doing a great job of keeping us posted. Love yall - Brittney

  3. I am so glad to hear that the conference went so well! What a wonderful experience. I love worship. That is one of my favorite parts of having a heavenly father that I get to worship him, get in my own little world at church and fully focus on his glory.

    I CAN"T BELIEVE you wake up hungry!! That's crazy! Oh I can't wait to see you and put my ear up to your tummy. I can't wait to hear about when the baby starts kicking! When does that happen? I love you:) I am praying for you guys:)