Oct 15, 2009

Exciting News!

This is a precious picture of what our baby should look like right about now! He or she is just about the size of a peach. Of course all pictures are averages, but isn't it fun to see a glimpse of the uknown:)
Well we have some really exciting news- but I'll get to that in a moment! Yesterday I had my third doctor's appointment, and it went very very well. The sweet nurse, who is pregnant and as far along as me, swept the doppler over my tummy so we could hear the baby's heartbeat. She had trouble at first getting to the heartbeat because she said my little baby kept moving! How precious right?!? I mean I know my baby is movinig, but to have her confirm that melted my heart.  Anyway, his/ her little heartbeat was very healthy-152 beats per minute to be exact. It actually cracked me up that she could even find it. Everytime she said, "Can you hear that!?" I couldn't! haha...but after much trying, I was able to clearly hear that tiny beat of life! My doctor then came in and immediately asked me, "So how does it feel to be in your second trimester?" Which threw me for a loop, considering I've been counting how far along I am according to the last ultrasound, and according to my counting I was a few days shy of my second trimester. He laughed when I asked him what he was talking about. He then proceeded to explain to me that I've been a little too meticulous with my counting! And if you know me, that sounds about right considering I overanalyze everything! He went on to explain that the only ultrasounds that are pretty close to being perfectly accurate are the really really early ones. After that, he said babies grow at slightly different rates. So even if they had 10 ultrasounds done on me, each one would predict a different due date. All of this made sense to me, since some babies are twice the size as others when they are born. Anyway, so I've been assuming I was 12.5 weeks counting from how big the baby measured at the last ultrasound. But my Dr. said that since my last LMP (for the sake of any male readers, I won't explain; you can look that up if you don't know what it is) was only 4 days in variation from the ultrasound, we can assume I'm right on track, which is 13 ish weeks!!! He said that he and I have to be on the same page, so I've gotta quit telling people I'm in the 12th week when I'm halfway into the 13th week. Of course, I was thrilled, and wholeheartedly aggreed to quit counting, and just trust him when he says I'm almost 13 and a half weeks!
Now, on to the very exciting news!! I then asked my doctor when the big ultrasound would be, where we could find out the gender, and to my ultimate suprise, he said he does those ultrasounds between 17-18 weeks!! So...he said I'll be able to find out at my NEXT APPOINTMENT!!!! Which is in about a month! I was so sure I would have to wait until 20 weeks, so my analyzing self asked, "Are you sure you can determine the sex of the baby that early?" And he said that they have never in his history of working with the ultrasound tech women he works with, have ever made a mistake when determining the gender at 17-18 weeks! So that's when he does it. I was so excited that I let out a little scream! I told him he made my day, and he just laughed:) I hope you can sense my excitement as I type this! The second I walked out of the office I called Adam, so he could be just as excited as I was! We are thrilled!!! Only a few more weeks before we can know more about this precious baby I'm carrying!
I plan on taking another belly shot this weekend, but I'm not sure much has changed this week. I'm still doing really well though, enjoying this beautiful fall weather, looking forward to Christmas. Please keep us in your prayers! Be blessed!

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