May 28, 2011

Giving back (and receiving)

Hello. :) It is waaaay too late right now for me (11:17), but I've had it on my heart to share with you some things for a couple of days now. I know that we are not anywhere close to a major gift-buying holiday season, but if you are looking for some gift ideas, or even ways to give back through what you purchase, here are some things that I love, love, love.


The Luo Project is an awesome non profit organization headed up by two gorgeous people (inside and out). They provide food, education, and medical needs to children in impoverished areas. You can read about them here

One way you can support them is by purchasing  a painting like the one below:

One painting is $250 dollars, BUT what you are paying for is nutrition, academic education, medical care, and biblical curriculum for one child for one year, AND, each canvas is hand painted by a child from their partnership. The children pick the colors, and sign each canvas with a hand or foot print. How precious is that!? We have one, and we love it. You should have one too. :)

Here is the link to the canvases:    Canvas


If you haven't heard of Toms Shoes by now, well, you are crazy. Just kidding, but really, you should know what Toms Shoes are, and if you've known about them for awhile and haven't purchased a pair of shoes, now is the time. 

These are the ones I want to buy next:

Toms Shoes is another non-profit organization that gives shoes to needy kids. They took the traditional Argentinian shoe and re-modeled it. When you buy a pair, you are actually purchasing two pairs. One for you, and one for them to give away to a child in need. Adam and I both have some Toms and love them. Go here to buy your own:  Toms Shoes


The Plywood People are an "innovative community addressing social needs" based out of Atlanta GA, they do a lot of things, but I wanted to share with you one creative project they have started- recycling old billboards. Crazy right?! They actually make fun small messenger bags out of the recycled billboards, and the money they make goes straight to helping refugees in the area. 

Each bag is unique, depending on what type of billboard it came from. Anyway, we had them at the Orange Conference. Adam and I have a bag, and Adam bought a ton to give away to our students at Walking Wisely Weekend.  To get your own, go here.  

STELLA AND DOT: supporting an adoption

I follow the blog of a girl who I went to high school with. She recently adopted a little girl from Uganda. On her blog she mentioned some friends of hers who are in the process of adopting a little girl as well. To help raise funds for them, they are selling jewelry from Stella and Dot. I'm wanting these two pieces:

When you purchase something, if you enter "Rachel and April" as your hosts when you check out,  100% of the profit goes towards their adoption! Isn't that awesome! Here is the link to the blog post:  Heirs with Christ.

So these are just some of the things I love supporting. Do you have any organizations that you support? Or products you purchase because of what the company does for someone in need? If so, please share!

blessed beyond measure,

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