May 16, 2011

Walking Wisely, Sick Baby, and other stuff

See this precious baby...(pic taken pre-sickness)

He melts my heart. And he is sick. :(  It started last Thursday with a runny nose. Then Friday morning he woke up with a fever and started throwing up...on his daddy.. 3 times. It was slightly hilarious. Not that Jackson was sick of course, but that he vomited directly on his daddy. So, we took him to the doctor, and as we suspected, he had some kind of bug. After some motrin, and cold medicine, he was feeling better. AND since Adam and I had already called the Grandparents to come into town to keep Jackson while we were apart of a retreat weekend with our students at church, and since Jackson was starting to feel better,  and since it would be my last one with my Senior girls, we decided to still go to the retreat. After all, grandparents are pros at the cuddling, spoiling, taking of care of you stuff when you are sick. :)

So Adam and I left Friday and spent the weekend with teenagers..only to return to a sweet little boy who we thought was on the road to recovery, but apparently is not. As of today, he has no fever, but now he has what we think might be 'viral hives'. Poor poor baby...he is NOT a happy camper! Say a prayer that he gets better soon!

**Now, on to the weekend retreat, Walking Wisely. It was SO very fun!! 

Let me take just one second to say just how amazing Adam is at what he does. He is the Family Pastor at our church, which means that currently, he runs our student ministry, which means he planned and coordinated this weekend retreat. I know I've said this before, but he works so hard at creating irresistible environments for our students to want to come to, and he makes it easy for them to connect with God. I'm so proud of him and what he does. I love you babe!

The weekend started with a mad rush of students checking in....75 to be exact.

Then they were ushered to the "Bust a Move" booth by this guy (who happens to be an elder at our church. Yeah, our church rocks.)

If the students danced in the booth, their name went into a drawing for an Ipad. It was awesome.

The weekend also consisted of our students tackling this mound of donated clothing at the Rescue Mission:

We were so proud of our students. They worked so hard sorting, hanging, and bagging donated clothing.  I think after they were all through, the pile was diminished by at least a 3rd. (It was a HUGE pile).

Part of the weekend consisted of each group getting to pick what we wanted to do as 'fun activity'. And my senior girls picked.....


The place was kind of so great..but we all left with prettier feet.

Then Saturday night we spent 2 hours acting like crazy, mindless, 5 year olds running around dressing up competing in Walking Wisely's Double Dog Dare. Here are some pics of that...

We won 3rd place! So proud of my girls!

Ok...if you will allow me to backtrack for a second...notice how most of the pictures in this post are not good quality. Well that's because my phone has been serving as my camera. BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!!!! 

For mother's day, I was able to pick out one of these .....

Ok, so maybe not that exact camera, but we are both researching what a great camera (for our price) would be. I'm beyond excited!

And finally, to wrap up this post, I've been reading lots of blogs that are inspirational to me...and these two happen to be top of my list right now. Check them out:

I Take Joy - Sally Clarkson who authored 'Mission for Motherhood' blogs about her faith, and being a mother. Her blog is my very favorite right now.

The NieNie Dialogues - Stephanie Nielson has been blogging since 2006 about her marriage, being a mom etc., but in 2008 she and her husband were in a terrible plane crash. 30% of his body was burned. She was burned on 80% of her body. After her miracle recovery, she started blogging again, and now has a HUGE following. Although she is mormon (and I am a Christian), it has been inspirational to watch her still find joy in each new day even though her world was completely changed by the accident. 

Hope you enjoy the blogs! And hope your week is filled with sweet moments with the ones you love. :0)


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