May 26, 2011

Makeover, and Jackson's Baby D Video

Hello friends! Can you tell I've done a little 'remodeling' of the blog? The flowers make me happy. :) 

Honestly, I spent an insane amount of time trying to decide on what background I liked, what header I wanted, how to center the header, blah blah blah...seriously I wasted too much time in the blogosphere. 

Anyway, it's changed (for now), and I think I like it. :) We will see. 

I mentioned awhile back that we had Jackson's Baby Dedication at church....well for the event, Adam and I had to listen to 4 talks (on cd), write  a letter to Jackson, decide what traditions and family values were important to us, and record a video. So for your viewing is the video:



  1. Oh mercy, Monica! How beautiful this is. Of course I cried. Sooo sweet and tender. And the new blog is gorgeous. Love it. Love you!

  2. Oh Wow!! I love the video! You guys did a great job and of course Jackson looks cuter than ever. The cutest baby ever born:)

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  4. Monica, that video was amazing and so sweet. What love you have for Jackson and the Lord! It is daunting when you think of the responsibility of parenting, but thankfully we have the Lord t0 lead and guide us (and our little ones)!