Jun 5, 2011

Making Messes

Before having my little munchkin, I couldn't understand why people who have kids always talked about how daunting of a task it was to keep their house cleaned, to keep their car cleaned, to keep the kitchen mopped etc. etc. Honestly, I naively (and perhaps a little arrogantly) thought, "Well I will keep my house, car, kitchen clean. It really can't be that hard. How much mess can a little kid make after all?"

That was until, munchkin became a food throwing, crumb making, drool dripping toddler. 

Now I know. 

Little precious toddlers make BIG messes.

Now I completely understand why hardwood floors are preferred over carpet, why cars seem to stay filled with crumbs, and why at any given moment you might find a cheerio in a corner crevice of my kitchen. 

Oh little man doesn't do it on purpose (most of the time); it just seems to be innately in him to make a mess. 

I was thinking about all of that when I was on my hands and knees wiping up some spilled applesauce on the floor after Jackson ate lunch. I was thinking about how after I finished cleaning up that mess, he was sure to make another one at dinner, and I (or Adam) would clean up that mess too. I  wasn't frustrated. I was just thinking about how if I didn't love Jackson so much, I might be. (And to be honest, one day I probably will be frustrated, but hopefully not.)

As I was wiping up the sticky goo, Jackson came up behind me, squealed, and laid his sweet head on my shoulder.

And just like that, Jesus whispered truth into my heart. "My child, just as you spend countless hours cleaning up after your child because you love him, I do the same for you. I clean up your messes. Do you notice?"

I'm sure I'm not even aware of just how many messes God has cleaned up for me. And to think he does that joyfully, and not frustratingly really does overwhelm me. 

I spent a little while that afternoon thanking Jesus for taking care of things for me that I have probably overlooked, or  that I've not be grateful for.  And when I cleaned up after Jackson that night after dinner, I cleaned up the floor thanking Jesus for all the times he has does that and much more for me. 

Thankfully, we serve a God who continues to mop up our never-ending messes. 

Praise Jesus. 



  1. So, my husband (Justin) told me that I would enjoy your "blog thing" because he saw where you shared a post on Facebook. He said ya'll went to Dayspring together and have a couple of mutual friends.
    I loved this post about kids and their messes. I was just talking about this with my Bible study ladies tonight. I have SO lowered my cleaning standards since becoming a mom. (I have a little man too!)

    I write a blog that focuses on organized homemaking: www.ourtaylormadehome.com. Hope you'll stop by and visit soon!

  2. Alana! I'm so glad to "meet" you. What is your last name? I'm trying to remember the Justins I knew at Dayspring. Anyway, how old is your little guy? Isn't being a mom the best!? Thanks for leaving a comment. :) Love you blog.

  3. I'm so silly! Of course Taylor is your last name ;)