Jul 31, 2011

Jackson's FIRST haircut

Welp, the time had come. I simply couldn't put it off any longer. On good days, little man's hair was curly and precious, and well, NOT haircut worthy. But on not-so-good days, his hair was "mulletish". See below....

Yes, I was that parent. You know, the one that other parents point to and whisper about, "Wonder when they will cut that poor boy's hair?" Well I LOVED it! So I put it off, and put it off, and put it off, and well, after watching his hair constantly get in his face, and realizing that now that it was so long the only way his curls would cooperate was if I put  product in them  (which I was certainly NOT going to do. Or to be honest,  Adam would certainly not LET me do) we decided to bite the bullet, and take the plunge! 

So we pulled up to the place, and Adam went in to make sure they cut children's hair. I won't lie, while Jackson and I were waiting in the car I was thinking about leaving and never going back. Kidding. But seriously, this was a huge moment! I felt like I would be saying goodbye to my baby and welcoming home a little boy. Would he cry? Would they cut him? Would I cry? Sheesh, this was a BIG deal! :) 

Mid-almost-meltdown, Adam hopped back in the car and told me that not only did they cut babies' hair, they had a certificate for him once his first haircut was completed. I was sold.

Here are some before pics in embarrassingly poorly lit and blurry light:  

Ashley, the girl that cut his hair, let him sit in my lap and play with all of her tools while she (patiently) cut his hair. Adam was hysterical and went to crazy lengths to keep Jackson happy and entertained. At one point I think he was dancing for him. Man I love that guy! Anyway, it was all over in 15 minutes, and believe it or not, no one cried! Me or Jackson. :) 

Here's an after pic taken on Adam's handy iphone:

SOOO cute uh?! 

And here's the cute certificate I told you about. Obviously we've still got to add his name to it.

And yes, that is his hair in the box (in a little plastic bag taped to the back). I love it, in a creepy, but sentimental kind of way. :)

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