Jul 12, 2011

J-man is growing TOO fast!

Well friends, our little guy is just growing leaps and bounds. 

He is almost 15 months old (wow!), and he is learning so much!

Here is a fun list of what Jackson is up to:

  • Little man is sleeping about 10-11 hours. Thankfully though if he wakes at 6 or so, he'll play and roll around until I go get him.
  • He is trying to drop his morning nap, which means he sleeps longer in the afternoon. I am trying to let him drop it. :) Two naps have been a beautiful thing.
  • He eats everything one day, and NOTHING the next. I am desperately trying to get Jackson to eat new foods.

  • He says, "Dadee" (daddy), "Buh buh" (bye bye); "Baw" (ball); "Daw" (dog); and his new words are "Belbo" (elmo) and "Uh Aw" (uh- oh).  Notice that Momma or Mommy is not  on the list. We are working on that though. I'm not bitter. ;)
  • Jackson is wearing mostly 18 month old clothes, some 12 month shorts and 24 month shirts. He's still very tall for his age. Wonder who he got that from? 
  • He has just discovered how to use a spoon, so I've been giving him a spoon for most of his meals. Not much makes it into his mouth, but he has fun trying!
  • He has always loved books, looking at them himself. But now he loves us reading to him. He wants us to read the same book over, and over, and over, and over.....
  • He also loves playing peek-a-boo with anything... his hands, a shower curtain, a blanket, the occasional box of Cheese-its. You name it, and he's probably played peek-a-boo with it. The other day he spent a good 20 minutes playing peek-a-boo with the closet door.  He would hide in our closet and jump out to scare us, over and over. He loved it, and Adam and I couldn't believe how long he would stay in there before pushing the door open to "scare" us. At one point, Adam opened the door first to make a face at Jackson, and Jackson about fell over from laughing so hard. 

  • Jackson has also gotten really good at following simple instructions. I can say, "Jackson go get a book, and I'll read to you." And he will go to the corner of the room, grab a book, and bring it back. Unfortunately when I say, "Jackson, let's eat our broccoli," or "Jackson, let me change your diaper", his instruction-following and comprehension skills are conveniently lacking.  
  • He hates being told "No" (well, let's face it, none of us likes to be told "no"). Anyway, it's his reaction to being told no that is so interesting. If he were like his dad (when his dad was younger) he would rebel at being told no and emphatically and proudly do the opposite. :) But it is apparent, at this point, that he is more like his sensitive-hearted momma. All we have to do is look at him sternly and say "No sir" and the precious little baby bursts into tears. (Break my heart!) However, although he doesn't like being told no, he does mind for the most part, and for that, we are so so so appreciative!

  • Jackson gives lots of slobbery kisses, high-fives, and he is trying to learn to touch his nose. If, he tries, he ends of picking his nose instead...oh well. :) 

Honestly, we love this little guy more than we could ever have imagined. And I love being a mom more than any other job in the world.  

One last thing...totally unrelated. If you haven't hear of Pinterest, go check it out. You will be addicted. Consider yourself warned. :) Here is the link to my new, but growing Pinterest board. 



  1. What a fun age! Elijah only said Mommy first, then decided to only say Daddy for like 6 months :( Thankfully that passed!

  2. Haha good! There is hope! :) I know he can say it because he said, "Mama" when he was too young to know how to differentiate. He's just taking his sweet time. :)

  3. SO cute!! He is growing up so fast! I miss that little guy!

  4. so sweet! enjoyed reading about him!