Aug 2, 2011

BigStuf '11: Part 1 A trip down memory lane...

Hello again friends!

This past week Adam and I, along with a few other adults, bravely took 60 or so middle and high schoolers down to Panama City for BigStuf '11, which is a week-long summer camp on the beach. This camp is pretty special to Adam and I because not only was this year our church's 7th year to go (Adam has gone 6 of those years, and I've gone 4 of those), but it was also the first summer camp Adam and I ever took a group of students to, back in 2005, when we were 20 and took the kids from the church we went to in Mobile.

Here we were all young, and silly, and "surferish":

Here's another one of Adam from that week that really highlights his long hair. Whew!!  I was (and am) smitten for this boy! 

Fast forward 6 years, same hallway at Bigstuf:

Not the BEST picture of the two of us, but how fun to see the difference. Adam's hair is still long but not quite so long, and thankfully I got rid of that awful hemp and shell necklace, and replaced it with this one, (you can barely see it in the picture) only mine has the letter "J" for Jackson. I love, love, love it! And  I would say that was a bit of an upgrade- hemp to silver. 

Anyway, that's all I have for today. Be back later with more highlights from the trip!


  1. If I'm not mistaken that is the hemp necklace that we made together at your parents house one summer...

  2. Haha!! Maybe so...either way, after getting it wet so many times, it started to stink! yuck! Miss you liza. :)