Feb 26, 2011

Something smells weird...

Happy Saturday everyone! It is still beautiful down here, and Adam, Jackson, and I are loving it. For the past two days our little family has been out and about eating at the new Five Guys place (thank you Sharps!), buying me some $3 dollar red pointy toe heels from the Rescue Mission:

Not sure what I'll wear them with yet, and closed-toe shoe season is about over, but I love them, and they were $3 dollars!

And getting little man some new summer shirts. In fact, we didn't have to spend a dime! There is a consignment shop in town that I sold some clothes to awhile back. The lady who owns it let Adam and I pick out some shirts for Jackson, and she said as my clothes sell, she will just keep the money until we are even. How awesome is that!? I love family-owned, small-town businesses. 

BUT, the weekend so far, hasn't all been fun and games. Jackson and I both had our moments.

I pointed to his boo boo in case you couldn't find it amidst the cuteness in the photo :)

Jackson was playing in his toy box when he pulled on one side too hard, and the other side of the box came up and smacked in square in the face. He cried. I cried. It was not pretty! 

And then, his momma made an oops. A major oops. The kind of oops where in .25 seconds your house could become nothing but ashes...

You would think for someone who loves to cook as much as I do, I wouldn't burn so many things. Oh, but I do. I like to consider myself a sort of Babe Ruth of the kitchen. I may hit quite a few dishes out of the park, but I also strike out...or burn to smithereens....quite a few as well. But hey, let's just focus on the home-runs ok?

Anyway, I was boiling water in the above pot, and steaming a sweet potato above it, and forgot that I was doing so.  Needless to say, immediately I remembered when I started to smell something weird. Oops. Did you know that boiling water left alone will eventually boil right out of the pot!? Our house still smells like burned potato...

Ok, I think that wraps things up for now. My sweet husband just walked in with a box of thin mints that I must devour. 

Keep praying through your fears!



  1. Oh my gosh that boy is CUTE!! Your Babe Ruth comment made me laugh out loud. As far as the pan, it is Saladmaster and it can be cleaned up with relative ease.

  2. 1. i love the shoes. even more since they were $3.
    2. I'm sure Adam, being the baseball guy that he is, is proud of your babe ruth reference.
    3. one of the few ways we're different = i hate thin mints :)


  3. Aww, you're right about the cuteness distracting from the injury! And super awesome shoes! The pot thing is totally cracking me up. The only thing that has worked for me is soaking it overnight in fabric softener sheets and using a steel wool pad the next day.