Feb 4, 2011

Book Club

If someone asked you to join a book club, would you join? Oh how I hope you would!

For some people, the very thought of enduring anything similar to a college classroom literary experience would be nothing short of torture, but for others (namely me) it is heaven. 

I LOVE reading. I love reading great books, and having great discussions about those books. I love dissecting novels and examining them to see what I have learned about myself. In college I was an English major, and with all honesty, thoroughly enjoyed all of my literature classes.

Now that I am married and have  a small, in-to-everything- munchkin, I rarely take the time to actually read a good book. Oh I'll start several, with every intention to finish, but after a few days, our house is littered with partially finished novels. 

Because I love reading so much, and wished I would make more time for it, when my friend told me that she was trying to start a book club and asked me to join, I jumped (probably literally) at the chance to be apart. Here was my opportunity to have to read a book :)

After exchanging a few emails, our book club, we have now so aptly named "The Cougars" (don't ask us why), was a go. We meet once a month, eat delish food, and talk about the book. With as much emotion as I can convey over this blogosphere, I tell you that I have SO enjoyed this book club. It does my heart, soul, and mind well to spend a couple of hours laughing  and talking with these women. 

So far we have read:

 HIGHLY recommend this book. It was not a short read, but it was so good that I devoured it.

This book will challenge you and encourage you. Honestly, I really loved the first half, and probably could have not read the second half and still walked away having learned a great deal about myself. 

Our most controversial pic yet. For a book that so many of us were skeptical we would finish (the protagonist has an affair with a monk!) the discussion at our book club meeting was probably the best yet. As a follower of Jesus, you simply cannot read something without viewing it through the lens of Christ.With that said, there were parts of the novel that were hard to get through; however,  those very parts of the novel led to brilliant conversation that I know I was challenged by. Although I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion, I'm not sure if I would recommend this book to others. You can be the judge. 

And for next month we will be discussing:  

I can't wait!

Now that Adam and I are both in book clubs (Adam's is a bit more manly. He likes to call his a bible study where they read books:), I consider our family pretty well-rounded. Now only if we could get Jackson in a book group....

only kidding...sort of :)

Go read! Be blessed!


  1. Ha, I'm sure Jackson has his own book club with Mommy! So, which one of these would you say is the most uplifting? Besides BM's book. I read it and loved it (of course)!

  2. eerr...uplifting? I would suggest you read "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. It will be a quick read, but you will cry and laugh, and ask God lots of questions the whole way through!!

    The Help is my fav. of the ones listed. Just a GREAT fiction novel.

    Miss you sweet friend!:)

  3. Monica - I love your blog! I just stumbled upon it tonight. And I agree with everything you said about the Cougars! :) I love the group also and look forward to getting together weeks in advance!

  4. LOVE the book Tuesdays with Morrie! Hope you enjoy it! I have an extra copy if anyone in the club needs one.