Feb 14, 2011

curls, settlers, selflessness, and mac 'n cheese!

There was a little girl boy who had a little curl right in the middle on the side of her his forehead. 

It has happened.

Jackson's curls have made their presence known. 

The longer his hair gets, the more curls emerge. I absolutely love it. (Just thought you should know;)

Ok, on to other things. I just love weekends. I love lazy Fridays. When we are home, Adam and I do NOTHING all day. It is fantastic! And that is what we did this past Friday. Then on Saturday, during the day, we spent some time running errands in the beautiful sunshine. Saturday night consisted of the following:

Ahh...sigh..Settlers of Cataan. We love, love, love, this game. We have some really good friends who we wanted to introduce the game to, and thankfully they loved it as well. Can you tell?

We spent the night eating some grilled chicken and yummy macaroni and cheese (with spinach) that I've been wanting to make for awhile, and laughing, and eating ice cream, and laughing some more, and playing Settlers, and laughing even more. We had such a great time! Our friends have a little guy who is about the same age as Jackson, and the two of them played happily with their toys while we hung out. 

Our weekend ended with church today, and I have to share something with you that warmed my heart. We have a sweet lady whose parents are deaf, so consequently she knows sign language. She decided to use that knowledge to help others. Every Sunday she sits up front and signs the sermon to our few attenders who are hearing impaired. I've seen her sign to them before, but his morning, for whatever reason, I was overcome with thankfulness for her. Today's sermon was specifically on the gospel. That we fall short of the glory of God. We are all in need of a Savior, and because of Jesus, we have a right standing with God. Without that lady, that important message would not have been communicated to our hearing impaired.  My heart was touched. She doesn't have to give of her time and do that. And who knows the eternal impact she might have had today. I left so thankful for the people who serve at Wiregrass. Man, I love our church!

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! I'll leave you with that spinach macaroni and cheese recipe. It was yummy!



  1. What a blessing to have good friends and fun!

    Looks like you boys were playing so well! Is that exceptionally rare and good for 9 month olds!? Or is it 10?

  2. They did play so well! But only while we prepped dinner, and during dinner. When we started Settlers, the little guys went to bed :)

  3. And Jackson will be 10 months this Sunday...sheesh! Time goes by too fast!

  4. I cannot believe he is getting curly hair! That is so exciting! Its so cool to suddenly just explore new things with him. Yay for curly hair!