Feb 16, 2010

31 weeks....Jackson is already hyper!

Can I just say that I have the most amazing husband!? Really- first, he planned a little surprise valentine's getaway weekend for us at a condo on Logan Martin Lake. It was beautiful! And it snowed about 3 inches. We spent the weekend catching up on season 5 of Lost! I think we literally watched like 15 episodes or something..haha. But we had a blast. We also took some pics and a short video that I'll put at the end of this post.

Reason numero dos that my husband is amazing is because he sweetly agreed for us to sleep in the guest bed for the past two nights in hopes that that mattress would be kinder to my back!! Thankfully, I have slept much better these past two days...and he even said it was sort of fun to change things up and sleep in another room! I'm finding it hard to imagine what it will be like to sleep through the night again without an extra pillow or a couple of trips to the potty! Oh...I know God is SO preparing me to have this sweet baby!!

Also, goodness...our little man moves a lot. And sometimes it catches me off guard! He seems to find it fun to rest his little foot just under my ribs:) Adam thinks Jackson will be hyper just based on his movements now...Oh I really can't wait to meet him!! Let me tell you how excited Adam and I are!! And honestly, the Lord has given me such peace over the labor and delivery. Last Sunday, one line from the message has stayed with me, "Although my circumstances may look uncertain, God is never uncertain." Although I have NO idea how or when this little boy will enter the world, I have peace because God already knows. And Adam and I are trusting God to take care of all 3 of us.

Here are some belly pics and some pics from the weekend. Also I included one short, kinda dizzy video of the snow:)

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