Dec 14, 2009

Thoughts from DAD...22 weeks

Thoughts from DAD:
Well, he is almost here! I can’t wait till “Little Man” (this is what I’m calling him) gets here to bless us with his presence! I can’t believe he won’t let me feel him kick. He is moving around like crazy, but every time I go to feel him kick, he won’t even budge. I can’t wait to feel him move for the first time!
As I think about becoming a dad, lots of questions start to arise from inside of me. I’m wondering if they are the same questions every dad asks when he finds out and embarks on the journey of becoming a first time dad. Questions like, What do I do now?, Am I as happy as she is? Am I ready? Especially when I think of giving our baby boy his first bath, oooh frightening! And even though sometimes I feel like I’m paralyzed with fear, the burst of excitement always stomps on the fear as I think about my little boy.
The one thing I’m thinking and praying about most is how I can model leadership to my boy. Being in church world I think about leadership pretty much all the time. But now leadership is taking on a whole new meaning. I’m praying that God will give Jackson the pleasure and honor of being a gifted leader. I’m praying that people will be drawn to him, that He will have a giving heart, and that he will place others above himself. A leader worth following is someone who counts the other person above and better than himself. This is how Jesus modeled leadership. This is how I want to model leadership to my boy through my relationship with Monica. And I know that if I model this well for Jackson, he will become and develop into a leader worth following!
Things that are exciting for me right now:
-          Parenting together with Monica (She is going to be an awesome mother)
-          Thinking about Jackson’s first Christmas next year
-          The people that are surrounding us during this time to show us they care
-          The guys in student ministry telling me “You’re going to be an awesome dad.”
-          Thinking about what “Little man’s” personality is going to be like
-          Thinking about the first time we go snowboarding together
-          The guys saying they can’t wait till he is born
-          Hearing Edward fountain (Our pastor’s son) telling me he is going to teach Jackson how to play football
-          Bringing him home from the hospital
-          Well of course getting all the gifts

Here are  couple of pregnancy pictures of Monica at 22 weeks. She says Jackson is really poking out in theses:

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  1. Aww I LOVED hearing Adam's thoughts! Great Blog!