Dec 23, 2009

23 weeks...Merry Christmas!!

Adam and I have had a wonderful week! We both just love the Christmas Season! We have been in Birmingham with my family for the past few days, and we leave tomorrow for Mobile, to see Adam's family.

Last night and this morning, we all opened presents. I have to say, my favorite were the ones for Jackson!! I'll try to put up more pictures later of what all our little man got for Christmas.

Anyway, he has been moving alot!! Most of my family was able to feel the precious kicks. Even my sweet husband finanlly, after much anticipation, felt Jackson kicking and moving! It was awesome! I also feel like my belly has grown so much just over the weekend! I didn't get the chance to take as many belly shots as I would have liked, but here is one of the belly. I also included some family pics, and some of the awesome gift my brother and sister in law gave us for our baby! 

Taylor and Michael gave us a bassinet filled with anything new parents could ever want or need for their new baby! Like infant tylenol, thermomenters, lotion, shampoo etc.

Taylor, who is a nurse, also put together a little booklet filled with all kinds of health questions and answers, and information that she has learned from her work as a nurse, concerning infants and babies! I LOVE this gift! She even had the pediatrician she works with look over the book and verfiy that all of the medical information is accurate! The book has information like when to call your doctor, what kinds of shots to get, even, how to distinguish different kinds of baby poop- Adam liked that page:)

Until the next entry, MERRY CHRISTMAS!:o) I hope you experience the overwhelming love of Jesus this holiday season.

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