Dec 7, 2009

21 weeks! and 25 years!

So we just celebrated my quarter of a century mark! As of Sunday, I am 25! And I did have a fabulous birthday:) It technically started on Wednesday when I got a couple of birthday packages in the mail. I just didn't think I could stand looking at them for 3 whole days and not opening them, so I thought, "Hey it's my birthday! I'll open them now!" 

Then on Friday, for part of my birthday present, Adam and I planned to go see A Christmas Carol, put on by a local theater in town. I wish I could say that it was fantastic and worth every penny we paid, but unfortunately, it was horrible! Haha. I mean, it was so bad that we considered leaving during intermission, but since we paid an insane amount for the tickets, we stuck in out! We did have fun laughing through the whole thing. During a couple of the scenes, that were supposed to be serious, we were in stitches, trying not to laugh out loud. We felt like school kids in class trying not to laugh while the teacher teaches. It was ridiculous. 

On Sunday, which was my actual birthday, Adam took me to dinner. I picked the restaurant, of course, and literally had a blast doing so. I spent a good 20 minutes online before that night, reading through every menu in town, so that I could pick the exact meal I wanted to eat! And so I could compare desserts at different restaurants! The winner was- Longhorn Steakhouse! Call me crazy, but their menu just looked the most yummy! This is one part of the pregnancy I LOVE- food tasting DELICIOUS!

Afterward, Adam and I did my second favorite thing to eating right now. We went to Barnes and Noble, bought some coffee, found some comfy chairs, and read for a good couple of hours! I did read, why I don't know, Jenny McCarthy's pregnancy book. I'm not sure exactly how helpful it was-  but it was absolutely hysterical. (Be warned if you pick it up, she doesn't exactly have the cleanest mouth, maybe the funniest, but not the cleanest)

Anyway, for my gifts, Adam gave me a new turquoise robe.My sister gave me a pink one 3 years ago, and after wearing it every morning for 3 years, it was time for a new one. Along with the robe, he got me some new cozy socks.  Both of those gifts are perfect. Now that it is cold, and I'm expanding, I change into my robe and cozy socks every afternoon when I'm done with my stuff for the day. He knew exactly what I wanted! He also got me the new Carrie Underwood cd. Although I must admit that I think she's a bit of a sell- out, I do love, love, love her music. 

As far as how I'm feeling, I am honestly feeling great! The second trimester is really a breeze! I have a feeling the third one will get slightly more difficult;) Jackson is also getting stronger. A few weeks ago I could only feel him move if I was sitting very still, but now I'm starting to feel him move around even when I'm moving! It is so fun! I also feel like I've grown a lot over the past couple of weeks. Even the top of my belly button is starting to poke out the tiniest bit. Adam thinks it's cute...haha. 

Overall, we are doing very well. We are just preparing for the many Christmas parties we have going on these next few weeks! My heart is so full this Christmas season. I am just so thankful for our little boy, and so excited to celebrate Christmas with him next year! Here are some belly pictures, and come other pictures we've taken recently:

 It is amazing the difference with my shirt down, and my shirt up! And it is amazing how what you wear can really make all the difference! The first few pictures were taken today, and the birthday ones were taken yesterday! Crazy how a tighter shirt can make you look more pregnant.

The belly is growing!


  1. aww I'm glad he got you a new robe:) I like that you are Adam are both in this picture it is nice to see both of guys. I cant wait to see you!

  2. Mon! Jackson's grown so much! I love it! What a super cute belly! Thanks for posting :)