Sep 28, 2009

New Belly Pics!--and a Precious Story...10 weeks

Last night Adam took another belly shot of me, and I'm so excited because I think you can see growth!! The last picture I posted I was 9 weeks 3 days, and in this picture I am 10 weeks 2 days, so about a week's difference. See what you think:

One with my shirt down

One with my shirt up

You can see that everything's looking a little thicker! At first when I saw the pic I thought, well maybe I'm just bloated or I've eaten too much (haha, which is entirely possible) but both the picture from last week and the one from last night were taken at the same time of day. And I even tried to hold my stomach in just a bit! I think our little baby is just a growin!! (If you don't see anything, just humor me:)! )

On a different note, let me share with you the most precious thing I've ever heard. We have some dear friends who go to our church, and have a 4 year old little boy (who is VERY smart!) Anyway, he was sitting with his daddy and asked his dad the other day who his (the dad's) friends were. Our friend shared with his son several of his friends. Then his little boy asked him who his littlest friends were. So then, our friend told his son that his little friends included his son, his nephews, nieces etc. Then, (here comes the precious part), the little boy asked his daddy, "What about Adam and Monica's little baby? Isn't their baby one of your littlest friends?" (note that I'm crying as I type this). Of course his dad melted and said, "Of course that little baby is one of my friends." Then the little boy said, "I can't wait to meet their baby!" Isn't it absolutely astonishing how children think, and what they are aware of. His little heart is so big, and so practical that he already addresses our baby as one of his daddy's friends. AND, I'm blown away that he can't wait to meet our baby. When God initiates life, a soul is created. That soul is a person from day one of conception! Although this little boy can't explain the scientifics of it, he knows an important truth. Our little baby, from the moment of conception, has been and will be a human being, with a soul, loved by God!!


  1. Okay, that is about the most precious story I've ever heard. You will definitely have to write that down in the baby book. Unless of course, there are no longer baby books, only blogs. Miss you, Mom

  2. Oh my goodness! I started crying when I head that story too!:) I can't wait to meet your little baby either. And yes I CAN see some growth!!

  3. FYI: haven't taken the time to figure out why I can't get it to say "Lauren said..."

    So, just know that Lauren=Andy.

    (He clearly would not talk with smiley faces :))

  4. What a moment to treasure for eternity!!! I wish and pray that you both will have many more experiences like this one. It is amazing to me that although at this moment, I'm millions of miles away from you and Adam, I can still feel your happiness.

    Love Dad.

  5. I love your pictures and your story. And i love your blog and wish you would blog even more!! :)