Sep 26, 2011

The Blessing of Motherhood

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a mother. I always knew I would love motherhood, and I can remember crying tears of joy and love before I was even pregnant because I loved my future children so much already. 

But nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the real deal. Actually carrying, and delivering, and raising, and cleaning, and taking care of a little person has so far exceeded any thought or notion I thought I had about motherhood. Literally there are times that I realize just how blessed I am to be a mom, and that realization causes my heart to swell so much that it feels like it just might explode.

He's showing me the dirt on his hand. :)

The older Jackson gets (he's 17 months old now), he makes me and Adam laugh more and more. His little personality comes out, and I realize just how much like us he is becoming. There are times when I am in the middle of getting on to him, and I'm down on his level, making him look at me, and telling him "no," and trying to be stern, and his reaction is to  to give me a kiss. It's precious, and sneaky, and smart. And he gets what he wants, because I cave. Thankfully he only tries that tactic every now and then. :)

He's so precious at this kisses, and hugs, and squeezing my arm, and laying his head on my chest, and giggling when I'm rocking him, and squealing when he sees he's getting a waffle for breakfast, and missing his "daddee" during the day, so much so that he wanders through the house calling his name and checking the bathrooms and the showers, and the closets hoping to find him...and he "helps" us sweep, and wipe up messes, and put away his toys...he picks up every picture in the house and brings it to me so I can tell him who is in the picture...he laughs ALOT, and cries hard when he's disciplined (obviously not all the time)...and he tries to learn new words, but pronounces them all wrong in an adorable kind of way.  He LOVES "belbo" elmo, and won't get up from his nap until he finds  elmo in the crib. He's energetic, and cautious, and affectionate, and into everything, and determined, and silly, and such a joy to me and Adam. 

He teaches us every day more and more about Christ's love for us through our love for him. There's nothing like being apart of creating a new little person, and then getting to watch him grow. 

My heart is full tonight. Hope your heart is full too. 



  1. BEAUTIFUL post! Thanks so much for sharing. He seems like such a precious little man. One day soon, we'll get him and Jonah together!

  2. You know, I could have written that same post about 26 years ago. And the feelings do not change when your child grows up. Your children will always be a part of you that is beyond description.