Mar 20, 2011

Catching up

I am a to-do list kind of gal! What can I say? I think it is the teacher in me (thanks mom:). Anyway, I make lots and lots of to-do lists, which is great. Unfortunately, my follow through is, well, not-so great. Thankfully, this post will cross off about 4 things I have had on my "Must Blog About" to-do list. Phew..I already feel better!

About a month ago (yes, I'm that behind on my list), my sister had her first of many wedding showers. She was beautiful, had a great number of people stop by, and received some awesome gifts. 

 That same weekend I got to see my long-time, God-send of  a friend, Jenny, whose little boy is the same age as Jackson. They don't know it yet, but they are going to be BEST friends. 

Also, for the past few weekends Adam, Jackson and I have gone to the park in the afternoons. 

Jackson loves, loves, loves being outside! It's been so much fun! Ok now, look at this next picture. It's another one from the park. See anything wrong with it?

If you guessed, "Adam's head is cut off," then you would be right. Unfortunately, the digital screen on my camera has been cracked. So, the camera can still take pictures, but the user, a.k.a. me,  can't see if the picture is centered or not. The above picture is how most of my pictures lately have been turning out. awesome mom came to visit and brought me her old camera. I only have to buy a card reader, so  now you lovely readers can see all the pictures I took from this past weekend, which was a fun-filled weekend. I'll get to that item on my to-do list sometime this week. (Umm...or I'll try to at least:)

Moving on.... For the past few weeks, Jackson has had a new friend to sleep with...

I went in to get him up one morning and found him asleep on his froggy. I had to get the camera. I think he is just waking up in this picture. That's what a flash will do to ya! I'm awful right?! Who does that? Wakes their child up in the morning with the flash of a camera? Haha. Hey, I thought it was a good idea at the time...

Alrighty, I'll be back soon (hopefully) with pictures from this past weekend which included a fun girl's night with two of my college friends and a day at Landmark Park's annual Spring Farm Day. 

Enjoy your Sunday's everyone!


  1. Reeeeaaalllly enjoyed these pictures. Love seeing my friends babies together. It is so fun to watch them grow alongside each other :). Love you!

  2. Love the blog Monica!! btw- that is one way cool shirt that Adam is wearing! What's it say... oh yeah, WAUMBA LAND! haha :-)