Oct 28, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Jackson!

So, it appears that I am not as good about updating this blog as I was when I was tracking the pregnancy...oops! I want to blog every week, so that is my goal. We will see how it goes :)

Jackson is just over 6 months old, and at his 6 month check up he was 29 inches long, and weighed 20.5 pounds. And everytime we go, the nurses say he is the cutest, albeit, biggest baby they have seen for his age. Haha. I think they throw in the word "cute" to make sure I'm not offended by the big part. I'm not of course:) 

Honestly, I cannot believe we are halfway through his first year. It feels like we just had him. I will say that the first few months were the hardest so far, just adjusting to our new normal, but lately we have just hit a stride I guess. Jackson teethed for about 2 months, and it was ROUGH. But once those little boogers popped through (approximately 1.5 months ago) he immediately felt better, and I am so glad he does.

We are just loving the age he is right now. He is just such a joy! We can make him laugh so hard that I'm afraid he's going to stop breathing..haha. He LOVES to laugh with Adam. It's just so precious. And he has started putting both arms around my neck and sort of squeezing me. He may just think I'm a big toy, but I love the squeezes anyway. And it has been so much fun watching him try new foods. This morning I gave him pears for the first time and he loved them. 

Also, he has been trying to crawl. He can move around in circles, and sometimes he can scoot just a tad to reach a toy. I know it won't be long until he is mobile. He's also sleeping like a champ at night. He usually averages 11-12 hours at night, which is AMAZING considering how many nights were entirely unpredictable thanks to the teething.  And he is down to 2 naps a day, which is fine with me because the third nap was just becoming a battle. I'm actually a bit surprised just how well only 2 naps have worked for him. 
Jackson is teaching us so much. Everyday I get a glimpse of just how much God loves me through my love for Jackson, and everyday I learn that I am not in control. That seems to be the running theme for my life right now. God knows what is best for Adam, me, and Jackson, and I have to daily surrender to His will and not my own. 

Ok, that's it for this week! Be blessed:)


  1. Monica, I love reading these updates. Those pictures are great. His eyes are just incredible. I miss him a ton! I can't wait to see y'all in about a month.

  2. It is so amazing how he is changing and starting to look so much like his mommy. I see your face in his every time I look at those pictures. He has definitely got his mommy's beautiful eyes.