Jan 26, 2010

Welcome to the THIRD trimester!! :)

There is a person inside of me.....oh dear! And lately, this little guy is moving and rolling and kicking so much that I sometimes fear he will actually kick right through my belly:) AND he still has weeks to get bigger! If it was ever questionable to a stranger that I was pregnant....it's not anymore! In fact for so long I got use to people not being able to tell, that now when strangers do say something, I know the look on my face is complete shock that they actually noticed! 

And this would be the perfect time to say thank you sweet friends for humoring me all those weeks when I thought there was actually a baby bump there, when in reality, no such bump existed:) Thank you for pretending!  

Jackson's baby bedding came in..whoohoo! We just now have to pick out some furniture. We have a few pieces in mind...unfortunately Adam and I are both indecisive. So...our goal is to decide something by the end of the week.

One crazy pregnancy symptom (I guess??) that I've had lately is absolutely ridiculous dreams. For example, the other night I dreamed Jackson was here, but he was about the size of a beanie baby and...drum roll please...I kept him in my purse! AHH! What kind of mother am I? In my dream, I would take him out every hour and feed him water! Needless to say I woke up in complete panic, only to be relieved when I realized I was still pregnant, Jackson was kicking, and he was clearly bigger than a beanie baby.  

I've had a couple of other baby dreams...but that one was the worst to date!

On to other things, I can't believe how few weeks I have left. I was just talking to my  friend Jenny today (who is also pregnant and came to stay with us for a couple of days with her husband and son- yay!) about how long this process has seemed for Adam and I. Since we got pregnant with a sweet baby before Jackson, it has seemed like an extra long pregnancy. My heart is just so full of gratitude to God  because His timing really is perfect. And I'm convinced this pregnancy would not be the same for Adam and I had we not learned what God taught us through losing the first one. Goodness..my prayer for you is that when you go through a valley, your harvest will feel twice as full!! 

Here are some 28 weeks pictures:o) And one of me and Jenny!

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