Jan 12, 2010

26 weeks- the Nesting has set in!!

Ok...the nesting has officially set in!! (Lauren you accurately predicted this:) And I must admit, I thought it was kind of silly when other moms-to-be talked about nesting.  I thought it wasn't a "real" thing. Boy was I SO wrong! haha. 

Let me go back to this weekend, and when exactly the nesting set in. On Friday Adam and I spent the afternoon visiting different baby stores. We looked at bedding, furniture, baby stuff etc. Then on Saturday, we cleaned out the nursery. It literally took all day! We ended up with about 5 bags of stuff for goodwill, and a couple of bags of stuff to throw away. What started as cleaning out the back bedroom, led to cleaning out every room and closet in the house!! Needless to say, the house was a complete wreck for a couple of hours, which drove me crazy! (all better now though)

We ended up throwing out a dresser that was in terrible shape and moving a dresser from the guest bedroom, to our bedroom. We also reorganized every closet so that we could efficiently store our stuff without putting anything in Jackson's room.

After hours of work, the only things in Jackson's room are Jackson's things!! His nursery is prepped and ready to be decorated!:) Speaking of, Adam found the perfect bedding online for our little man! We both wanted something different and modern, and Adam really wanted it to have some orange. We are both so excited about this bedding! I'll put a picture of it at the bottom!

Anyway, at that point, the nesting set in at FULL FORCE! We have some friends who will help us do the nursery, but as far as the rest of the house, well.....I wanted to repaint everything, buy new slipcovers, shower curtains, curtains, throw pillows, paint the dresser in our room, put up new artwork...and the list goes on and on! Adam and I compromised and said my Valentine's gift can be him repainting! And maybe doing a couple of other things!

Onto a new topic...I took my glucose test, and thankfully I passed! The juice didn't taste so bad, just the waiting to eat, and the queasiness I felt afterward! But thankfully, I passed it. 

Jackson keeps moving like a mad man. At times I can feel him literally rolling over in my belly. It is the most awesome, unreal experience. Adam and I both are starting to get very excited about meeting him! Once his nursery is done, I'm sure we will be even more anxious! 

I took some more prego pics, in the one of me facing straight on, see if you can notice how my belly button is not centered. That's because our little man spends most of his time on my left side, pushing that part of my stomach out further than the other side:)  Interesting uh?

Also, you can see the goodwill garbage bags in the background..

Here is a pic of the bedding! We are not getting a round crib however....

Please keep praying for our precious son. We have so loved seeing how God has moved in our hearts and lives over these past few months through this pregnancy. God is continuing to teach us that He always provides. What a great God we serve! Be blessed:)

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love that bedding! Jenny gave me the hint to check it out on your blog :). And that first picture of you is so sweet!!! Well, they all are of course!

    Love you!