Nov 16, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!! .....18 weeks

Well, I'm sure you know by now, that IT'S A BOY!!! And I cannot begin to explain how happy Adam and I are. In my heart, I wanted a boy first so badly, I even prayed right before the ultrasound, "God you know my heart, and you know my desires. Prepare my heart for either." But even as I prayed that, I knew I just really wanted a baby boy. So after 10 minutes in the ultrasound room, watching him squirm and not knowing yet what he was, when we finally saw his little man part, I burst into tears! And...Adam yelled, of course:) 

Honestly, I have to say that the moment  we found out the gender of this baby, has to rank up there as one of the most amazing moments of my life, and not just because Adam and I found out we were having a boy, but because in that moment, this baby became so very real to us. We have been praying for "this baby", but after that moment, we could pray for Jackson. Oh- I just can't explain how full my heart is!

Also, he has been moving a lot more- not as much as I'd like him too though:) Each time I sit down, I try to coax him to move by rubbing my belly, or talking to him, or pressing down. When he moves, it is the most amazing thing!! Up until the other day he had been giving me tiny pokes, but in the car 2 days ago, he kicked so hard I squealed out loud!!Well I'm sure his kicks will get much harder, but for what I had experienced up to that point, that kick was SO FUN!! 

Anyway, thank you so much for being so very excited with us! We can't wait to see what all God is going to do in our lives through the rest of the pregnancy!

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  1. Love your blog! And I LOVE the ultrasound pics!!!