Jan 24, 2011

A Giving Heart

My husband has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Period.

The other day we were in the car talking about our future, and where we would like to be (God-willing of course:)) Anyway, we were talking about money, and I threw out a relatively high number, and asked him how he would feel if he made that salary. I, of course, was somewhat joking, somewhat serious. And do you know what my precious husband's response was? He got huge smile on his face and said,

 "Gosh Monica. Just think, if I made that much, can you imagine how much we could give away!"

Melt my heart. Honestly, that man would give you the shirt off of his back, if he thought for a millisecond that you needed it. I love him so much, and I am so blessed to walk through this life with him!


  1. love that. sure wish we got to spend more time with you guys!

  2. Love the way you love your man! And how incredible that he thinks of what he could do for someone else instead of expand what you have.

  3. Keri! Adam and I just said yesterday that we needed to read it!